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Candy Cane Stocking Stuffer Hand Creme 3 oz

Elevate your Christmas stockings with our healing hand creams, a gift that brings comfort and care to those you love. These rich, moisturizing creams are a small yet thoughtful way to spread warmth and well-being during the holiday season.


Scent Description: Celebrate the festive season with our Candy Cane scent, where the essence of peppermint leaves and the sweetness of ripe strawberries come together, with a warm, comforting vanilla finish that evokes the magic of Christmas.


Product Description: Our top-selling Hand Creme contains a large percentage of shea butter.  It is a rich, thick creme  meant for very dry skin on your hands (though you can also use it on your body and even your face).  It heals with comfrey root and Vitamin E  and moisturizes with safflower oil and shea butter.  It keeps your hands feeling and looking great all day.


Candy Cane Stocking Stuffer Hand Creme 3 oz

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