This is a SPEICAL PROMO for GIFTED WOMEN!  Thank you for supporting small business run by women during this challenging time!


This our is BEST SELLING product.   We’ve done a lot of research and found that the most effective and long lasting ingredient to help severely dry skin is shea butter.   This unbelievable balm has 15% shea butter, that is almost unheard of in a cream.  It also contains added calcium.  Recent studies have shown that calcium has as positive of an effect on your skin as it does on your bones - it strengthens as well as fortifies your skin.  Our balm will take just  a few extra minutes to completely dry on your skin.  Give it that time!  You will see that it creates a layer of silk on your skin that will last for hours (even after you wash your hands).  This Orange Vanilla scent is one of our MOST POPULAR.  It smells just like a creamsicle.  It’s delicious, but not too sweet.  It’s a FAN FAVORITE!

Orange Vanilla Shea Butter Balm 5 oz PROMOTION

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