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Stocking Stuffers

& Hannukah Gifts

Fragrance Notes:

HOLIDAY SPICE:  This scent is a chai tea type fragrance with warm notes and a light sweet touch.   It's really lovely.

SUGAR COOKIE: Is a blend of a sugar and vanilla scent, sweet, but not TOO sweet!

CEDAR + SAGE: This is from our very popular In The Woods Collection.  It smells like the forest in winter.

STRAWBERRY CREME: This smells JUST LIKE A STRAWBERRY, personally I love it!  It reminds me of the first fragrance I ever fell in love with as a child.

EARL GREY TEA: This doesn't have much to do with Hannukah, but it is a lovely scent that I thought you would enjoy.  It smells fresh and clean and like a nice cup of tea!