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We care for your skin

Your skin deserves the very best.  We have spent over 30 years perfecting our formulas to provide JUST what your skin needs to look and feel great.  We only use ingredients that soothe, heal and moisturize your skin.  We believe you will feel the difference that real QUALITY makes.   

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Waterlily & Lotus Flower

Our Sea Garden fragrance is a blend of fresh green fruity notes with floral elements and a touch of white musk, evoking the tranquility of
a calm pond surrounded by flowers.

Jasmine & Mandarin

Our Jasmine & Mandarin fragrance, where the scent of jasmine blooms intertwines with the lively essence of mandarin and the warm notes of vanilla, capturing the smell of blossoming flowers and tangy citrus in a single scent.

White Flowers

Citrus Vanilla

Our Petite Fleur fragrance captures the lively essence of sweet, crisp citrus alongside a gentle floral blend, while vanilla with woody undertones adds a cozy, comforting touch to this delightful scent.

Garden Statue

Floral Citrus

Our Demoiselle fragrance is a blend of citrusy orange and lemon with a hint of jasmine blossoms and woody undertones.


Our Orange Vanilla fragrance is a blend of zesty orange and smooth vanilla that creates an inviting aroma, reminiscent of freshly peeled oranges and a hint of creamy sweetness.

Palm Trees

Our Pineapple Coconut fragrance is a harmonious blend of juicy fresh pineapple and rich creamy coconut that instantly transports you to tropical getaway.

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Under Water
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Ozone & Aqua

Our Sea Goddess fragrance is a revitalizing fragrance that fuses the essence of ocean air with subtle hints of fruity, floral, and herbal notes, creating a harmonious blend.

Wild Flowers

Our Grapefruit Juniper & Lavender fragrance is an aromatic blend that captures the essence of vibrant citrus, earthy botanicals, and calming florals with lavender to add a touch of tranquility.

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peach other.jpg

Our Peach fragrance captures the juicy aroma of ripe peaches, creating a scent that's like a stroll through an orchard in full bloom.


Our Lavender fragrance is a soothing scent reminiscent of fragrant fields, where the calming essence of lavender invites relaxation and tranquility into every moment.

Pink Petals
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Our Heavenly Garden fragrance, where the gentle grace of riceflower meets the tropical charm of coconut, with the added warmth and earthiness of sandalwood, all blended with the enchanting scent of jasmine, creating an aroma that's both calming and exotic.

Foggy Forest

Our In The Woods fragrance, where the grounding scent of cedar entwines with the herbal charm of sage, the crispness of pine, and the soothing touch of green tea, offering a captivating journey through wooded trails.


Assorted Scents

A Variety of Shea Butter Balms offered in our top selling fragrances


Our Spa Retreat fragrance is a delightful blend where the creamy scent of coconut meets the cool, rejuvenating essence of cucumber, while a touch of invigorating mint adds a crisp and refreshing element, crafting a scent that's like a day at the spa.

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Magnolia scent

Our Magnolia fragrance is a scent that transports you to a world of blossoming magnolia trees, infusing the air with a timeless and enchanting floral melody.

White Bust

Ozone & Oakmoss

Our Men’s fragrance, where refreshing ozone meets the grounding essence of oakmoss, conjuring the revitalizing smell of a forest after rainfall.

Natural Beauty Products

Assorted Scents

Use this section to create a product scented to match a product you cannot find on our web site which was purchased at a retailer.  Not sure?  Email us.

Basket of Flowers
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Not familiar with our scents?
Try a sample pack of 7
to see which your like best!



"Nothing has worked as well on my extremely dry skin as your supreme creme - thank you!"

- Lisa M.  NJ

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"I found your products at the airport.  Totally in love with your body mist -- I've tried others and they dry the skin - this one is the best!" 

-Sammy W, FL

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"I just wanted to say thank you for your shea butter balm, I have sarcoidosis and this works amazingly and it's such a relief!"

- Stephanie R 

"... and thank you for creating a truly unique product. I have never been this satisfied with a lotion or cream and I cannot get enough!"

-Emily A, CA

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules
Massage Salts

Assorted Scents

If you would like our products in BULK, this is where to do it!   Not sure what scent you want to match?  Email us.  If you know the scent, write it in the NOTES section of the order.

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