Can't FIND IT?

We make hundreds of customized products for thousands of retail stores around the country.  So there's a good chance that you may have purchased a product from our company at a retail store which does not look EXACTLY LIKE a product on this site.   Please just email us and we will direct you to the correct product in the same scent (though it may be a different label).  If the label does not EXACTLY MATCH what you have already, it may not be the same scent as the products on our site - so please don't hesitate to ASK!

If your label says "Floral Citrus", then it is: DEMOISELLE

If your label says "Grapefruit Juniper Lavender" it was: WESTERN WILDFLOWER and is now Essential Grapefruit (see below)

Here are a few of the collections we get asked about the most.
Click on the product image below to be directed to the correct collection. That will be the matching what you have.
"Floral Citrus" from
the Demoiselle collection
"Orange Vanilla"
Essential Collection
"Floral Citrus" from
the Demoiselle line
Western Wildflower
& Cowgirl have changed to
Essential Grapefruit (same
great scent, different
If the label has a
choose our
Essential Magnolia
Blossom collection
If the label says
"Florida Citrus"
choose our
DEMOISELLE collection
If the label says
"Southern Citrus"
choose our
DEMOISELLE collection

Still can't find it? Email us!

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