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In my BIO I mentioned that I have a fragrance allergy.  This has been both a blessing and a curse!  But mostly a blessing.  I think it's helped me to create fragrances that not only are pleasing to a wide array of people, but that are allergy-free.  All of the fragrances are also phthalate-free.  Below, I have detailed some notes about our most popular fragrances which I hope you will find helpful!   

Floral Citrus - found in our DEMOISELLE collection.  It's our BEST SELLING scent.  Our Demoiselle fragrance is a blend of citrusy orange and lemon with a hint of jasmine blossoms and woody undertones.

Waterlily & Lotus Flower - found in our SEA GARDEN collection.  This is our most popular line and one reason is certainly the lovely scent. Our Sea Garden Fragrance is a blend of fresh green fruity notes with floral elements and a touch of white musk, evoking the tranquility of a calm pond surrounded by flowers.

​​Ozone & Aqua - found in our SEA GODDESS collection.  The best way to describe this scent is to say "DELISH!"  Our Sea Goddess fragrance is a revitalizing fragrance that fuses the essence of ocean air with subtle hints of fruity, floral, and herbal notes, creating a harmonious blend.

Coconut, Cucumber & Mint - found in our SPA Retreat collection.  This is a great scent that both men and women would like. Our Spa Retreat fragrance, a delightful blend where the creamy scent of coconut meets the cool, rejuvenating essence of cucumber, while a touch of invigorating mint adds a crisp and refreshing element, crafting a scent that's like a day at the spa.

Citrus Blossom + Vanilla - found in our NEW Petite Fleur collection.  This scent is FABULOUS!  Customers are raving about it.  Even for those of you who may say that you don't like vanilla-- this is one that will change your mind.  Our Petite Fleur fragrance captures the lively essence of sweet, crisp citrus alongside a gentle floral blend, while vanilla with woody undertones adds a cozy, comforting touch to this delightful scent.

Australian Rice Flower, Coconut and Sandalwood  - found in our Heavenly Garden collection.  If you like coconut, this one is for you! Our Heavenly Garden fragrance, where the gentle grace of rice flower meets the tropical charm of coconut, with the added warmth and earthiness of sandalwood, all blended with the enchanting scent of jasmine, creating an aroma that's both calming and exotic.

Grateful Nature

Jasmine & Mandarin - found in our Grateful Nature collection.  This is a fantastic, well loved scent that we created from combining our POPULAR "Orange Vanilla" scent with our Jasmine Fragrance. Our Grateful Nature fragrance, where the scent of jasmine blooms intertwines with the lively essence of mandarin and the warm notes of vanilla, capturing the smell of blossoming flowers and tangy citrus in a single scent

Cedar Sage & Green Tea - found in our In The Woods collection.  This was among one of the very first fragrances I ever created. Our In The Woods fragrance, where the grounding scent of cedar entwines with the herbal charm of sage, the crispness of pine, and the soothing touch of green tea, offering a captivating journey through wooded trails.

Grapefruit, Juniper & Lavender - My personal FAVORITE!  The lavender element is not particularly strong, so you don't have to be a lavender lover to like this one. Our Grapefruit Juniper & Lavender Fragrance is an aromatic blend that captures the essence of vibrant citrus, earthy botanicals, and calming florals with lavender to add a touch of tranquility.

Grapefruit, Clove, Anise & Vanilla - found in our Kiss collection.  One of my personal favorites.  Super light and clean with a nice (and complex) floral profile.  People really get addicted to this one!

Orange Vanilla- Our Orange Vanilla fragrance is a blend of zesty orange and smooth vanilla that creates an inviting aroma, reminiscent of freshly peeled oranges and a hint of creamy sweetness.

Pineapple Coconut- Our Pineapple Coconut fragrance is a harmonious blend of juicy fresh pineapple and rich creamy coconut that instantly transports you to tropical getaway.

Ozone & Oakmoss Our Men’s fragrance, where refreshing ozone meets the grounding essence of oakmoss, conjuring the revitalizing smell of a forest after rainfall.

Rose Geranium Tangerine - The Bliss fragrance, where the classic charm of rose meets the refreshing hints of geranium and the lively zest of tangerine, creating a scent that's both floral and citrusy.

Lemongrass & Verbena- Our Yours Truly fragrance, where the zesty essence of lemongrass meets the uplifting notes of verbena, creating an invigorating scent reminiscent of a sunny garden retreat.

Peach- Our Peach fragrance captures the juicy aroma of ripe peaches, creating a scent that's like a stroll through an orchard in full bloom.

Creme Caramel- Our Creme Caramel fragrance, where the delectable sweetness of caramelized sugar mixes with the creamy richness of vanilla, creating a scent that captures the allure of a classic dessert, inviting you to savor the warmth and comfort of indulgence.

Iris & Amber- Our Iris + Amber fragrance, where sweet florals meet warm amber with a hint of fruity playfulness, all wrapped in a soft embrace of white musk undertones.

Smoked Cedar- Our Fall Fragrances, where the rich and earthy aroma of cedarwood is delicately infused with the smoky nuances, creating a captivating scent reminiscent of a cozy evening by the fireplace.

Lavender- Our Lavender CALM fragrance is a soothing scent reminiscent of fragrant fields, where the calming essence of lavender invites relaxation and tranquility into every moment.

Magnolia- Our Magnolia Blossom fragrance is a scent that transports you to a world of blossoming magnolia trees, infusing the air with a timeless and enchanting floral melody.

Lavender & Chamomile- Our Baby Bath Collection fragrance, where the calming and floral notes of lavender intertwine with the delicate, apple-like sweetness of chamomile, creating a serene blend that captures the essence of a fragrant garden retreat.

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