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Here are just a few customer testimonials


Review for Kiss Me In the Garden

I love the personal experience of shopping with Kiss Me In the Garden. Shipping is always prompt, in a securely packed box with tracking, and a thank-you note and small gift is included with every order. On top of that, the products smell so good. Nothing artificial about them - for example, my recent purchases of a lavender balm and linen spray smell just like sticking my nose into a live lavender plant. The packaging on all the different fragrance lines are also so beautiful and serve double duty as decor in my bathroom and bedroom! KMItG is one of my favorite small businesses, and I look forward to supporting them every chance I get. - AMY


I am absolutely sold on Kiss Me In The Garden products! I recently purchased a gift set while on vacation just b/c I loved the way it smelled. I didn't realize that I was stumbling across something that would change my child's life. She is 11 yrs. old and has battled severe excema her whole life. Absolutely all products we have tried has burned her skin so badly that she couldn't bare it. We have tried home remedies along with prescriptions. Nothing ever works b/c so many products contain alcohol which dried her skin out worse and caused so much pain to her little body. I noticed in the ingredients of Kiss Me In The Garden there was no alcohol. So I tried it on my little girl. Amazing!!! that is the one word I have for this product! No tears, no pain...just a smile on her face b/c it smelled good, it didn't burn, and it made her skin so smooth. Thank You for your AMAZING product!!!! - Jeanette T., Mississippi

I was first given a bottle of your Demoiselle body lotion as a gift when I was in the hospital with my first (of 3!!) total knee replacements. Applying that lotion was so soothing, light and refreshing--the fragrance light and uplifting, not at all overpowering. (I can understand why it's your customer's favorite!) I really felt like I was slipping into a new luxurious skin; even though I was pushing through hard PT and OT exercises--you could say your product helped me with my rehab! When I was younger, there was a catchy slogan for a bath product--"Calgon, take me away!" I've changed that now to "Kiss Me in the Garden, take me away!" And, without fail, it always does!!  :) Thanks much for your expertly crafted products! - JoEllen T., Duluth, MN

My absolute favorite product of Kiss Me in The Garden is the Shea Butter Supreme Creme, particularly the lavender scented one.  When my hands are dry I put some on and afterwards they feel like velvet. What makes it really a treat is the lavender scent makes me feel like I have a little piece of heaven on earth.  Kiss Me in The Garden has the best lavender fragrance I have encountered. Supreme creme is great because it's concentrated so it lasts a long time and it's under 3 ounces so if you're going on a trip you don't have to worry about getting busted by the TSA!  I stock up on them in various fragrances to have on hand for gifts.  Who wouldn't prefer a gift of a natural creme made with shea butter and essential oils over a synthetic cookie-cutter product from the mall? Holly O, Florida

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!  I was in Orange Beach, Alabama, recently and bought the body mist and lotion in the Sea Garden group.  It is incredible. So glad you have a website because I plan on ordering more.  I'll try the fragrance next!  These products are quality at their best.  What a great discovery.  -- Abby C.

I first bought the Sea Garden fragrance in the Bahamas at the airport in Nassau. Fell in love with the scent as well as the quality of the products.  I was so excited to see that there is an online site to order the products.  Can't wait  to get my order.  - Mary

I just wanted to send a quick message along saying how much I adore your products. I have extremely sensitive skin and live at a high altitude (which is miserable for dry skin) and I have to say your Shea butter lotions have done wonders. I've also gotten so many compliments on the orange vanilla scent. You smell like a creamsicle and you smell so yummy are just a few of the compliments I've received. Keep making excellent products! And I will continue to recommend you to everyone I meet . Thank you for such an amazing product. Nikki (Wyoming)

I love your products. I bought your products and it healed my dry chapped skin. I spent a lot of time in the desert digging for sunstones and also went to the opal mines, I found my skin was so dry and chapped.  I loved the lotion on my face and it seemed to do better than oil of olay. I used it twice a day even when I didn't need to.  I made sure to tell all of my friends about your products. I love them!. thanks for having such an awesome product. -Kathy C.

I have been a fan of your Demoiselle Foot Creme for over 4 years. It's not only soothing when applied, it keeps my feet from getting those dry painful skin cracks around my heels and toes. My podiatrist always compliments me on the way that I take care of my feet. Thank you for developing a foot care product that truly works wonders for me!  -Bob A., New Hampshire

I am a huge fan of your body mist. I bought mine in Sedona and absolutely LOVE it. I spray it all over my body and my hair too! Thanks for the great products! Sheila J, New Jersey

I love your shea butter balm you have and the scent is perfect. I cannot use many products because they do not mix with my meds and i end up with an allergic reaction. I found this and have been using it constantly for months now! -  Judi

Found the Simple Elegance rose body mist and lotion at a Cracker barrel in Massachusetts when visiting family I'm looking at gift sets for friends for Christmas, birthdays, etc. FANTASTIC products. The lotions feel amazing!  Brittany W.

Since buying this at Captiva Island a few years ago, I have continued to buy it online as it is AWESOME!!! Every scent is heavenly and the products make you feel wonderful! Also, the candles burn clear down to the shells and make every room smell so good:)  - Pam P.

Just rec'd. this hand lotion as a Christmas gift. To be honest, I did not expect much.  Not being a fan of fragrance,I actually dreaded trying this hand cream.  I could not have been more wrong.  The fragrance is light,subtle and pleasing to the most sensitive of noses and allergies.The ultimate and most important test, how does it make my hands feel and look ?  Moisturized to feel and more youthful in appearance. My skin is getting older, thinner and dryer.  Having a hand cream that blends out these surface issues is important to me. Believe me I usually pay way more than this for top shelf hand creams. Thank you sincerely,  Deborah C.

I found your products in a gift store at a Hyatt resort in Chesapeake Bay MD. I got the hydrating mister in the KISS scent. I absolutely LOVE it! I use it  mostly as a hair spray to control frizz. Its lightness and mild scent works well for me. I can't wear perfumes because they give me a headache but this is perfect. I look forward to trying more of your products  -- Sharon, PA

I absolutely love your Cowgirl body lotion.  I cannot get enough of the grapefruit juniper lavender fragrance! I bought this product while visiting Sedona, AZ in June and love the way it leaves my skin feeling so soft with no greasy residue. I just ordered more on line and also trying some of the Shea Butter products as well. I am sure I will  love Supreme Cream.  I cannot wait for my order to arrive! You can bet I will be back to order more!  -- Best, A Fan From Massachusetts

I just got back from a Nutcracker Ballet performance guesting in Key West, FL. I found your products in a store on Duval st. I fell in love with the "Sea Garden, sea Salt hand/body scrub." After performing, it felt great to use this product on my tired muscles. Similar products leave a residue, but not this one. I had to order more online. Do you have any other recommendations of your products for a bath soak to help alleviate muscle soreness/relaxation? Thanks again, and I'm very happy to have discovered this. -- Larissa, Illinois

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your Demoiselle soothing foot lotion!  I don't think I could ever go without it.  I use it all the time.  Best time is when I go work out, I put it on and work out and when I get home, my feet are so soft and still smell GREAT!  Another favorite is the Demoiselle body spray.  My husband and kids buy me these two products when they find them at a store (which is hard to find around here). I saw that the hand lotion is one of your best sellers to I guess I will have to try that too.  Love your products, please keep them available for years to come.  Big fan of yours.... Laura  -Wisconsin


Dear Kiss Me in the Garden
I was given a gift of Sea Garden lotion and perfume.  It is the most beautiful, delicate scent I have used in years.  I even spray it on my pillow at night.  I did obtain a sampler of lotions and now I have a problem, I love In the Woods.  It, too, is delicate, makes me feel like I'm walking in the forest, and very different from any other fragrance I have known.  You seem to have caught essences the major perfumeries have missed. I intend to have a lot of "Kiss Me in the Garden" Christmas presents to my family members.  Barbara  S.

Dear Kiss Me In The Garden:
I picked up some mineral salts in the shaker when I was in South Dakota last month. I got them for my husband actually, because he has a horrible case of Psoriasis and he needed something to soothe the itch and the burning of it after treatments.  We tried everything else but your salts work great!  Also it is not perfumey!  Thanks so much for making a GREAT product.  Tara M. Colorado

I was gifted the  Demoiselle Shea Butter Balm and wow!  I have naturally dry delicate skin and am 60 so also aging ski and this cold, dry winter is not helping.  I put the balm on my hands AND face last night, still soft and smooth this morning.  Oh so happy, thank you for caring, such companies as your with the quality, control, and ethics is needed now.  Have a most successful year, Cheryl  Minnesota

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