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Fragrance transports us. It can rejuvenate, relax and remind us.... A simple scent can instantly alter our mood, elevate our spirit and enhance our lives.

Jonathan  and I started our business in our home during our first year of marriage in 1992. We had traveled to the small French town of Les Baux De Provence and became captivated by the scent of lavender. We searched the mountain for the source of the scent and found a tiny shop selling dried lavender flowers and oils.  We brought the fragrant oils back with us and used them to scent our home, bath and linens.

I always had a fascination with fragrance, unfortunately, I was also allergic to most scents.  Lavender seemed to be a wonderful exception.

This prompted a desire to learn about our sense of smell.  I was interested in what fragrances appeal to people, what aromas trigger memories and why scent has such a strong effect on our emotions?  All while keeping in mind, that many suffer from fragrance allergies.  This study began a journey and a love of fragrance which ultimately gave birth to the Kiss Me In The Garden bath and body collection.

Also.... we REALLY wanted to work together and make a life for ourselves based on following our own set of rules and beliefs about how companies should operate.  To be grateful, honest, kind and good – these are the core principles we wanted to put forth above all else.  

We have spent over 25 years developing this special and unique line. The Kiss Me In The Garden company makes everything we sell in our factory in Northridge, California.  The choice to do this (when most companies don't make their own products) gives us the ability to make high quality products at a price most can afford. 


After all of these years, products are still made with love and care in small batches.  Each fragrance takes from six months to one year to develop.

Our products are affordable luxuries for your skin and we believe that everyone deserves a little something special in their life!


​Any questions,  please send us an email, we would love to hear from you!  Use the "contact us" link to reach out.

Best wishes--

Karen & Jonathan

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