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Why Us?

Let me tell you a little bit about

what is important to us...

If you are a returning customer, THANK YOU and you probably know why you should buy from us... our products actually work.  

They do what we say they will do and all are made with love and care (with a special focus on those who suffer from fragrance and skin allergies- like me!)


If you are a new customer, let me give you a few additional reasons...


The products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, Earth friendly and not tested on animals.


We concentrate on the union of two things:


1) making products with only ingredients that will actually improve the look and feel of your skin (not elements that are just listed to "hype" the product  - meaning they look good on the label but aren't actually included at a percentage that would be beneficial to you.)




2) making sure that each product is presented in such a way that you would be happy to leave it out to decorate your nightstand, your kitchen or your bathroom (rather than put it away in the medicine cabinet).


Those have been our two primary goals for all of the years we have been making bath and body products.


We started this business in our kitchen over 30 years ago, during our first year of marriage.   Both have come a long way and we are very proud that we never lost sight of the original intent, to make products that feel as good as they look.


Everything is made fresh daily in our factory in California, in small batches.


Because there is no middleman, we can provide the very highest quality product at a competitive price.  


We are very grateful that you are considering buying from us and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Best wishes -



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