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Please be sure to enter the coupon code in the cart area before entering your credit card or paypal info.  Discounts cannot be applied or refunded AFTER the order is placed.  If for ANY REASON you are unable to place your order on line, you can always call your order in within 2 days of the sale ending and we will honor the discount. 

Just so you know.... The actual cost to ship our products to you far exceeds the price we charge.  So we appreciate your understanding on this.  

Shipping is FREE for orders over $75.  That means that when we have a sale, the total AFTER THE DISCOUNT still has to be $75.

Thank you!  We are so grateful for you support.

Please note: that we usually have a few big sales a year. 


ALWAYS:  One before Mother's Day (in mid to late April) and one for BLACK FRIDAY through CYBER MONDAY.  Every now and again, we will have smaller sales on new product launches.


We do try to put the details of upcoming specials on our site at least a week before any sale UNDER THE LINK "SALE"and we post them on facebook and instagram as well.


I do feel guilty when people order just days before a big sale, believe me I do.  If you missed it by just a day or so, email me and I can give you a coupon code for 5% off of your next order. 


Please note:  we cannot offer the discount AFTER your order is placed, you must use the coupon code when checking out. 


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