Shea Butter Balm 5.5 oz

Why are our hands always dry?  Dry skin on your hands is caused by many factors:  (1) The weather, (2) constantly washing your hands, (3) using anti-bacterial soap, (4) handling paper –which we all do! (5) environmental irritants and (6) underlying medical conditions.  We’ve done a lot of research and found that the most effective and long lasting ingredient to help severely dry skin is shea butter.   This unbelievable balm has 15% shea butter,  that is almost unheard of in a cream.  It also contains added calcium.  Recent studies have shown that calcium has as positive of an effect on your skin as it does on your bones - it strengthens as well as fortifies your skin.  Our balm will take just  a few extra minutes to completely “dry” on your skin.  Give it that time!  You will see that it creates a layer of “silk” on your skin that will last for hours (even after you wash your hands).

Peach Shea Butter Balm 5 oz


    Shea Butter Balm 5.5 oz

    SKU: MAG04
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